What Does Your Heart Ache For?

  1. Reception of union with Christ as a Child of God
    1. We must first begin by accepting that our identity rests in the Lord and not what we do. We must receive our status as sons before determining what He wants us to do.
  2. What do I desire to do to further the Kingdom of God – serve the domestic church or the Universal Church?
    1. What does my heart ache for? Does my heart burn to serve the Kingdom of God above everything else? This will give me a clue for how I should orient the whole of my life in a chosen vocation as a priest, religious life, or marriage.
  3. Get involved
    1. Am I involved in parish life or campus ministry? What areas of ministry do I need to explore to see if the diocesan priesthood and the activities that make it up are right for me?
  4. Be patient as the Lord grows your desires.
    1. Early in discernment, we can be impatient to “arrive” at what the Lord wants to do with us. It is essential to be patient as the Lord slowly reveals His will and forms our hearts after His own Heart.