1. Silent meditation on God’s word, especially before the Blessed Sacrament – Of course, prayer is the best tip for discernment, but too often, our prayer is overly focused on our own words, thoughts, and desires. Therefore, with time for silent reflection, meditating on God’s word can open our minds and hearts to become aware of God’s call and plan for our lives.
  2. Daily Rosary – Our mother is an essential advocate and intercessor for our vocational discernment. I can confidently say she wants nothing more than for us to hear and follow the call of her Son in our lives.
  3. Confession at least once a month – The regular cleansing of our soul through the sacrament of confession can help us to see more and more the will of God for our lives. 
  4. Take steps! We have to move in vocational discernment! We can’t figure it out purely in our minds. We have to take proactive steps and see how the Lord will slowly but surely, reveal His will and plan for our lives with each step we take.
    1. Go on a discernment retreat or Come and See weekend.
    2. Talk to your local pastor or a mentor you trust.
    3. Speak with your Vocation Director.