1-You only get one life, one shot, to store up as much treasure in heaven as possible. It’s worth sacrificing good things here and now for greater beatitude in heaven. Always be mindful of that!

2-If you are in a state of grace, living a Sacramental life, praying daily, and genuinely open to God’s will in your life, you can then have confidence that your thoughts, feelings, and desires are not just your ego, but more and more what belongs to the Lord.

3-Who we are as men in our sexual nature is essential to who we are as sons of God. The gift of celibacy, a sacrifice to God, is a radiant sign of a man sharing radically in the one priesthood of Christ. Entering into the mystery of this gift leads to a deep sense of freedom for every priest. There is a sense of fulfillment knowing you can truly serve the Lord with an undivided heart, as St. Paul says.

4-It takes a tremendous amount of faith to be a priest these days. You must believe that who you are and what you are doing is genuinely fruitful and worthwhile, even if there are many challenges and you don’t see the fruit of your labors.