Road to Emmaus painting
  1. Consecrate six months of intentional discernment to the Lord.
    1. In addition to following a rule of life with prayer, virtue, sacraments, and spiritual direction, visit a seminary, go on a discernment retreat, and observe a dating fast
  2. The call to marriage is written in the heart of every man and woman by our nature (CCC 1603), but a desire for priesthood or consecrated life is not.
    1. For that reason, we shouldn’t give experienced desires for the marriage and for priesthood or consecrated life the same weight in our discernment.
  3. There is no wasting time in our discernment if we are pursuing holiness. Holiness is the means to discerning our vocation and the end of answering our vocation.
  4. Discernment is hearing the voice of God and following where He leads, and there is simply no substitute for silent prayer in this task.
    1. Dedicate time to our Lord in silent prayer before the day begins. Once the day begins, it’s no longer ours, and the prayer time we intended to make can be taken up by other things.