Cultivate Your Discernment

1. Pray every day! Spend time with Jesus every day, particularly with Scripture. The Bible is the voice of God, so if we know Scripture, we know God. We must cultivate our relationship with the Lord daily to hear His voice. Start small, just 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, and continue to build as you become consistent.

2. Talk to your pastor. Good questions could be, “Would you mind walking with me in discernment?” “Could I shadow you for a day?” “Perhaps I could spend time as an altar server?” It is good to familiarize yourself with the ministry of the priesthood. Your pastor can lead you to the vocations director and other resources to benefit you.

3. Go on a seminary visit for a Come and See. At the seminary, paying attention to your imagination is important. Can you imagine yourself in the seminary studying to become a priest? Being on the campus of a seminary often brings clarity to discernment. Also, spend time with seminarians so you can see what their life is like.