Module 10: The Way of Communion

Creation of Adam

Module Details:

  • March 20, April 3, 10 w/Pia de Solenni and Meghan Schofield (Both Cohorts)
  • Wednesdays, 7:30PM Eastern (Both Cohorts)
  • Live, Online & Interactive


  • Pia De Solenni

    Pia De Solenni

    Instructor, Theology of the Body

  • Meghan Schofield

    Meghan Schofield

    Instructor, Theology of the Body

Module Overview:

This module looks specifically at the different ways a missionary disciple may be called to live out the Christian life found in the Gospels and the teachings of St. Paul.  Drawing from Theology of Body, it explores the nuptial meaning of the body as a gift of self for God and for others as part of an integral vision of Man.