Module 13: The Way of Memory/Sending Forth Seminar 2


Module Details:

  • May 22 (Both Cohorts)
  • Wednesdays, 7:30PM Eastern (Both Cohorts)
  • Live, Online & Interactive


  • Joseph Hollcraft

    Joseph Hollcraft

    Director of the High Calling Program, Instructor

  • Simone Rizkallah

    Simone Rizkallah

    Instructor, Evangelization and the Interior Life

Module Overview:

Psalm 105:5 tells us to remember God’s wonders—His miracles and the judgments He pronounced. God is the essence of goodness, mercy and love. But sometimes, we forget what He has done for us. This module, our closing seminar, will consider the importance of “remembering” and how our memories can serve us in discernment, particularly emphasizing the virtue of hope. Among other topics, we will also reflect upon the nature of time, Christ’s words, “do this in remembrance of me,” and ways we can better serve the path of remembering what God has done for us.